About joan

Wyoming house district 5

Hi, I am Joan Brinkley and I am running for House District 5, located in Southeast Wyoming.

I was born and raised in Oregon. After graduating high school, I attended Oregon State University and graduated with a BA in Business Administration. I then went on to earn teaching certificates from Western Oregon University and Portland State University. I earned my Masters’ degree in Library Science from Texas Woman’s University.

I spent 20 years teaching in Oregon and Texas. I left teaching to work as a public librarian for the City of Dallas. In 2015, we had the opportunity to come to Wyoming and we gladly took it.

I am now the Director of the Goshen County Library. Moving to Wyoming, and back to the west, was a fantastic decision!

My background in education and public service has honed my skills in financial responsibility
and maximizing the available resources to serve our citizens.

When not at work, my husband, Charles, and I enjoy raising goats and building our small herd of cattle. In the fall, you will find us out hunting for antelope and deer.

Charles and I run a bi-partisan household, he is a Republican and I am a Democrat. We find that on most issues, we either agree or at least can find common ground. I believe most folks in Wyoming are moderates and want a representative in Cheyenne who can find common ground with others on which to base sound decisions that benefit the citizens of Wyoming.